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In the near future the hyperloop-technology will change the way people travel . The business field is already engaging thousands of engineers and  business-developers around the globe. Hyperloop Sweden is a non-profit organisation spreading knowledge about the technology. We want Sweden to be part of the pan-European network that is now beginning to shape. Contributing to a better environment, smoother travelling and an affordable possibilty for people to enjoy the exploration of the continent as well as providing CO2-free business trips for enterprises. More...

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Ships, trains, cars, aeroplanes...

and Hyperloop

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Our main objective

Initiating a Swedish hyperloop-connection to the paneuropean network before 2030

We answer your questions

Many people are curious to learn more about the Hyperloop. We do our best to answer your questions. More...

We organise trips

We arrange trips for groups between 5 and 50 participants. As a member in Hyperloop Sweden you will be able to participate at a discounted price. More...

We invite you to events

We organise events and seminars. Members and experts meet. Here you will be able to interact with people that share the same interests. More...


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